My first impression of “The Goat Yard”

by Rob St. Mary

Since Detroit is a post-industrial city it only makes sense that it would nurture a post-industrial sailing club. The club’s surroundings are like a yacht club and the Sanford & Son salvage yard merged. But the merger of discards, “the land of misfit toys” per say, adds a character to the space that makes it home to those looking for creative solace and camaraderie.

The sailors of the Detroit Sail Club are a solid group. Their love is for the water. Their competition looks at them in a sort of strange amazement. Here’s a group of sailors using state of the art boats – for the 1950s – with sails just as old as the boats.

The group is eclectic. A mix of people from all strata of Metro Detroit: former military, college students and average working Janes and Joes.

The Goat Yard is a place that I won’t forget. If you visit, I doubt you will either.

For another prospective on the Goat Yard, visit the Metro Times at  http://metrotimes.com/culture/story.asp?id=14099


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