The Goat Yard

February 28, 2016

They say the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story is this…

A fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time…” and a sea story begins, “This ain’t no bullshit….”.

Well, this ain’t no bullshit.

Welcome to the Goat Yard

2 Responses to “The Goat Yard”

  1. Randy Robson said

    I was at the Goat yard the summer of ’88 with a friend Mark McLoughlin and remember Nemo and the characters there well. I bought a 35′ 1939 Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser from Steven and worked on it that summer at the yard. Saw Nemo climb on the Porsche. Did you tell the story of the missing goat? The mate of Nemo disappeared one day and no one knew where it went until much later.

  2. Not sure how to make this short but I’ll try.

    I hadn’t been back to Detroit in a number of years.
    When I graduated in 1992 from Center for Creative Studies there was no sticking around, I had to get out of that city. It wasn’t terrible, just time to leave, and work.
    I never shared with my wife or kids about the boat I had in Detroit until just a few years ago.
    As one of our courses, our instructor Diane Voss had taken us on tours of the mounting ruins throughout the city. The churchs, mansions and old industrial buildings gave inspiration for writing, photography and sketching. Once the school administration found out that came to a halt. There was mention of a boatyard we never made it too, and I made it my business to find it.
    Of course, there was Steve, who was always kind and let me look around. I bought some hardware and fell in love with Grebe.
    Grebe was or is, I don’t know if it’s still around, a 1921 6 meter racing sloop, sail number US3 designed by William Gardner.
    I visited the yard and the boat often, every time trying to figure out how and when.
    I cleared the “when” after giving Kurt Roth $1500, which I had no business doing but boy did it feel good! The how never happened. Both Steve and Kurt both knew it would probably never leave, I guess so did I.

    So on April fools, my family shows up in Detroit, after touring U of M for my oldest daughter, and I saw the city again and was amazed. We stayed downtown. The sun was out and in the back of my mind I was thinking about the yard. After talking about it a bit, and planning visit to the DIA (I worked there during college), Mary asked me the name of the yard. I had never remembered a name and when she described your film I was just speechless. We raced to the yard and then to the premier. What an amazing night.
    Sorry to see that Steve past, he was alway kind to me and I enjoyed his company and his treasures. I’m nearly sure Grebe is gone.
    Anyway, I had to share this with you all.
    We really enjoyed the city, and I’d like to come back and invest in it somehow. We’ll see.
    Many thanks!

    I’ll send along pictures of my long lost Grebe.

    Robert Shapton
    East Grand Rapids, Michigan

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